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De Wadden

The Wadden area of Terschelling

The Wadden area is a must when visiting the Wadden Islands. The beautiful nature, the animals and the many activities you can do there make it a perfect excursion.

  • Beautiful nature
  • Spotting seals
  • Being active
  • Discovering

Discover the Wadden with the Talisman

A boat trip on the Talisman is a must when visiting the Wadden Sea. The boat sails through the habitat of the seals and gets very close to them, so you can admire them very well. Along the way you will be told about the animals and you will have a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea.

The trip takes 1.5 hours and costs €10 per person. Dogs are allowed on the boat.

Walking in the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is a must when you visit one of the Wadden Islands. A fun activity to do when you are in the Wadden area is to walk through the Wadden. You will be guided by a local resident and walk on the muddy seabed. Your guide will tell you the best tactics for walking without sinking into the mud. Wad-walking is a fun way to discover the special nature of the Wadden Sea and the World Heritage Site.

During the walk, you can look for something tasty to eat, because you will find plenty to eat in the Wadden area. You can fish oysters or cockles straight out of the mud and eat them later, they don't get any fresher than that!

"Walk through the muddy seabed to discover the Wadden Sea..."

The Green Beach on the Wadden Sea

The Green Beach is located on the edge of West Terschelling and is known for the dry ships and the beautiful view over the Wadden area. The beach originates from a dry mudflat where a lot of vegetation has grown. This is why it is called Green Beach. In the summer many birds nest here, such as the lapwing. The green of the beach makes it a beautiful and unique place.

There are also many activities to do on the beach, such as kite surfing and go-karting. Of course, you can also take a walk or just enjoy the view. There are several beach pavilions at Groene Strand, including Paviljoen de Walvis. These are highly recommended as they have a beautiful location overlooking the Green Beach. They offer quality and simplicity in their food, so there is something for everyone.


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