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Beaches on Terschelling

One of the many reasons to visit Terschelling is, of course, the beautiful sandy beach! Along the north-western coast of the island there is a wide, flat sandy beach. During the summer months the various beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. But at other times of the year it is great to take a walk on the beach and enjoy a nice breeze.

  • Beautiful long stretches of sandy beaches
  • Take a lovely walk along the beach
  • Cosy beach pavilions

Midsland aan Zee

The nearest beach to Résidence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort is Midsland aan Zee, about two kilometres away. You can walk there in less than 20 minutes: a beautiful walk through the attractive dunes. For lunch, coffee or a delicious dinner you can visit the beach pavilion De Branding. From Midsland aan Zee you can walk in a north-easterly direction and after about one kilometre you will reach the beach of Formerum. Further along, about five kilometres from Midsland, is the beach of Hoorn.

Beach Oosterend

Oosterend is the easternmost beach on Terschelling and borders the beautiful Boschplaat nature reserve. Because of its quiet location, this beach is ideal for bird watching. Seals also like to come ashore here because of the space, which gives them plenty of privacy. The Oosterend beach is also home to the famous Drenkelingenhuis. If you need a break from walking along the beach, you can take a seat in the unique Heartbreak Hotel, a cosy beach pavilion decorated in the style of the 1950s and 1960s.

West aan Zee

On the western part of the island is West aan Zee, also known as Paal 8. At the West aan Zee beach pavilion you can enjoy homemade pastries, fresh juices and delicious smoked fish.

"Get a breath of fresh air on the beaches of Terschelling!" ☀️🌊

Groene Strand/Beach

In the southwest of the island is the Groene beach, named after the beautiful green surroundings in which the beach is located. From this beach you have a unique view over the Noordsvaarder. Finally, enjoy a glass of wine or a fine dinner at the beach pavilion De Walvis, while admiring the beautiful view over the ever-changing Wadden Sea.

Active on the beach

For the active holidaymaker, there are plenty of beach activities on Terschelling. For example, you can book a ride in a 4x4 at the reception and visit the Drenkelingenhuisje or the Amelandergat. Or take the family on the beach bus for a ride along the North Sea beach and enjoy the panoramic views. Ask at reception for more information.

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