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Terschelling has a rich history

For culture lovers, Terschelling is a beautiful destination with a rich history. Find out more about the island's nature at the Centrum voor Natuur en Landschap (Centre for Nature and Landscape) or visit the Natuurschuur of Staatsbosbeheer. For a trip back in time, visit the Museum 't Behouden Huys, the Wrakkenmuseum and the Tiger Bunker Complex.

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Bunker Museum Terschelling

Step back in time with a visit to the Terschelling Bunker Museum or the Tiger Bunker Complex. This spacious complex contains a total of 85 bunkers, four of which are open to the public. These bunkers have been restored to their original condition as far as possible. You can visit them on your own or with a guide and find out how they were used during the Second World War.

There is an exhibition in the visitor centre of the Bunker Museum Terschelling. There is also a historical film that tells the story behind the 'Atlantic Wall'. During your visit, you are free to explore the bunkers yourself. You will be given a map to take with you on your visit, allowing you to make your own way around the complex. You can also take part in excursions, including a tour of the Tiger Complex with an experienced guide. This is also a great day out for the kids: a fun quest has been set up for them!

Impression of the Bunker Museum Terschelling

Museum 't Behouden Huys

An excellent way to learn more about the history of Terschelling is to visit Museum 't Behouden Huys. Step aboard the ship of Willem Barentsz and discover the story behind this special piece of history. When Barentsz and his crew got their ship stuck in the ice at Nova Zembla in 1596, a shelter was built to help them survive the harsh winter, called 't Behouden Huys. A replica of the house can be seen in the courtyard of the museum.

The museum is housed in two beautiful seventeenth-century commander's houses. In the past, these Commander's Houses were inhabited by brave sea captains, mainly engaged in whaling. Through the beautiful museum exhibits you will learn about the history of Terschelling and the heroes who lived here in the past.

"A fun and educational outing for young and old!"

Centrum voor Natuur en Landschap (Centre for Nature and Landscape)

Expand your knowledge of nature on and around the beautiful island of Terschelling! A visit to the Centre for Nature and Landscape gives you the opportunity to learn more about the unique Wadden area and other natural phenomena on Terschelling. The museum has a permanent exhibition about nature in the Wadden area and a temporary exhibition.

Would you rather learn about the Wadden Sea below the surface? Do not miss a visit to the Sea Aquarium! Here you will come face to face with sea bass, cod and many other sea creatures found in the Wadden Sea. The museum also has a ray aquarium where visitors can even pet the rays! The females regularly perform a mating dance to attract males, which can be clearly seen in the special petting tank.

Wrakkenmuseum (Wrecks Museum)

Fancy an adventurous day out for the whole family? Then consider a visit to the Wrakkenmuseum. Since 1975, the owner of this museum has been collecting wrecks from ships that sank around the island of Terschelling between 1650 and the present day. These unique pieces are on display in the farm. The garden is also filled with large pieces of wreckage, including cannons and anchors.

The special thing about the Wrakkenmuseum is that it was partly built from the remains of the Norwegian ship Cyprian. This ship was lost off Terschelling around 1905, after which various pieces of the wreck were recovered. The museum is also a great place to visit with children. It has a real 'pirate garden' where you will find a real pirate ship. Your children will have a great time on and around the ship, in the castle or in the tree house.

Natuurschuur Staatsbosbeheer

Are you a true nature fanatic and would you like to know more about the flora and fauna on Terschelling? Then you should visit the Nature Centre in Lies. In addition to changing exhibitions, you will find beautiful nature books and fascinating photographs of Terschelling's Wadden Sea. Find out more about the different types of beach birds that can be found on Terschelling or discover which flowers and plants the island is rich in! The Natuurschuur is also the starting point for various excursions organised by Staatsbosbeheer.

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