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Privacy statement Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.)


The processing of personal data can constitute a major invasion of the person in question’s privacy, because data can reveal sensitive information about a person. This 'special information' includes all personal data concerning: religion of beliefs, race, political inclinations, sexual activities or trade union memberships. Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) has no wish to find out this information, nor therefore to process such data in any way.

Visitors to this website managed by Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) are therefore entitled to privacy and the protection of any personal data that they leave behind. We will treat your personal data with the utmost care when you book a holiday. This requires our registration according to the European law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In answering the questions below, we hope to provide you with clarity on how Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) treat your personal data.

Why is information collected?

Information about visitors to the website and bookings managed by Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) is collected so that:

  • You can be provided with the best and fastest possible service
  • The product range of Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort can be optimally matched to your needs and requirements
  • Your bookings can be processed in a concrete manner
  • Give you a carefree stay at Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort

Your data will only be used for the purposes above. Your data will not be passed on to others, only for the performing of your stay and to achieve the common agreement. This includes the managing party of an Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.). The data will not be used for any other purposes.

What information is collected and why?

We collect statistical information and personal data so that we can provide you with the best possible service. How we do this is described below.


General data about visitors and their ‘behaviour’ on these pages is acquired via this website. For example, the pages visited most frequently and which pages visitors enter the website from. This data is not linked to your name or address. The aim of acquiring this general data is to improve the navigation and structure of the website, but these statistics can also help us improve the findability of the website and for marketing purposes.

Processing of personal data

In order to process the bookings properly, we save certain data that is entered by customers via this site and via partner sites affiliated with this website. This also applies if you have had contact with Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) via other means and this has resulted in a booking or a request for information.

Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) will only use the data for performing the agreement or to provide you with the best possible offer in the future. You will not receive any newsletters, unless you give us permission to do so. You can always unsubscribe for the newsletter through a link in the newsletter.

Your data will be kept for 7 years after your last stay. The 7 years is necessary for possible insight to the tax authorities. If you do not book a new stay in these 7 years, or show interest, we can assume you do not have any interest anymore in Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.)

What happens to your personal data?

The personal data entered by customers is used to:

  • Process bookings properly
  • Take your worries away before and during your stay at Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort

Being able to let you book again in a fast and appropriate way. Your data will be saved as secure as possible and will not be shared with others, unless this is needed to perform the agreement.

How can you see your data?

After making a booking you will receive your log-in data from Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.). On this website you can look into your data and change things. You can also directly contact us via 0562 452 452 or receptie@residenceterschelling.nl to reclaim your data.

What should you do if you do not wish to provide or receive certain information?

If you have no interest in information on new products and services, all you need to do is specify this on pages where personal data is requested.

In case you do not want to provide your personal data while making a booking, then no agreement can be made and it will not be possible to book a stay.

Furthermore, every customer has the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data. You can inform Residence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort (Waddenresort B.V.) of this via the contact form on this website.

Besides that, you have the right to complain to the supervisor authorities personal data and you always have the right to look into your data.


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