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Activities for the active island visitor

For the active island visitor, there is much to do on Terschelling! The island is ideal for discovering on foot or by bike. Within a day, you can see the whole island by bike. If you are looking for an adventurous activity, there are various options.

  • Wide range of adventurous activities
  • Suitable for young and old
  • Visit our reception and ask about the options

Horseback riding or a covered wagon ride

Discover our beautiful Wadden island on horseback! Because of the space and the quiet, Terschelling is very suitable for horseback riding. Take a beautiful ride through the woods or opt for a morning ride over the beach. Along the way, you ride through the dunes, along the famous cranberry fields and through the polder. This is a great way to discover the nature of the island.

You can also take a covered wagon ride on Terschelling through the polder, over the mudflats and through the dunes. Several wagon routes have been mapped out. For more information about horseback riding or the covered wagon tours, please contact our reception.

"This is a great way to discover the nature of the island!"

Horseback riding on Terschelling a unique experience

Mudflat walking or mudflat canoeing

Experience the elements that make Terschelling so special. While mudflat walking, you will feel at one with nature. During this trip, you walk over the mudflats and via the salt marshes towards the Boschplaat. A unique trip through the untouched nature of the island, where you even have the chance to spot seals! Did you know that the Wadden Sea was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2009?

If you are looking for more action, mudflat canoeing is definitely something for you. The clear water provides a beautiful view of the bottom of the mudflats. Moreover, from the mudflats you can see the dunes where the Brandaris serves as a landmark, and that creates a unique picture! Should you want to know more about mudflat walking or mudflat canoeing, you can contact the reception.

RIB Experience

Race across the Wadden Sea during the RIB Experience! During this trip you sail at high speed over the water, while the wind blows through your hair. This trip is for the real action lover! Not only will you get an adrenalin kick, you will also be rewarded with a breath-taking view of the Wadden Sea and the beautiful dunes that enrich our island. Excited yet? For more information, please contact the reception.

Eco Safari

Experience the untouched nature on Terschelling in a unique way! During the Eco Safari, a guide will take you through the nature reserves of Terschelling. Thanks to the electric cars, you travel on this trip through unique areas that are normally not accessible to the public. The whisper-quiet cars ensure that nature is not disturbed while you enjoy the hidden treasures of our Wadden Island! Visit the reception of Résidence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort for more information about this Eco Safari.


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