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Terschelling is rich in beautiful nature reserves

The island of Terschelling is rich in beautiful nature reserves and serves as a habitat for a unique variety of plants and animals. In 2009, the Wadden Sea was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Boschplaat and the Noordsvaarder are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Numerous species of birds and animals live and feed on Terschelling. At our reception you can get a free brochure with the names and pictures of all these bird and animal species, so that you can easily recognise them in the wild. It is not without reason that Terschelling is very popular with real nature lovers!

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Perhaps one of the most famous nature reserves on Terschelling is the Boschplaat. This nature reserve covers a large area in the eastern part of the island. The Boschplaat is an important breeding ground for all kinds of birds. The salt marshes along the Wadden Sea are the habitat of gulls and spoonbills. Various species of tern live on the Koffieboonplaat. Every year in spring and autumn, large groups of migratory birds visit the Boschplaat on their way to their breeding or wintering grounds.

The Boschplaat is a unique area for bird watchers. But the nature reserve is also ideal for a relaxing walk. Take into account the breeding season of the various birds, as not all areas are accessible to the public during this time.

Nature reserve de Boschplaat 


In the western part of the Wadden Island is the Noordsvaarder, a beautiful nature reserve with a variety of vegetation. It has been a national nature reserve since 1924 and is a habitat for various bird species, including the Kentish Plover and the Hen Harrier. Rare plant species such as Liparis loeselii and Parnassus grass have also taken root in the extensive area.


The Seinpaalduin is named after the pole that was used to tell ships when a storm was coming. The Seinpaalduin is located in the western part of Terschelling and is also the highest dune on the island. For centuries, this dune has protected the island's inhabitants from the rising tide. From here you also have a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea on one side and the Noordsvaarder and the North Sea on the other.


More than a hundred years ago, a barrel washed up on the coast of Terschelling... And so begins the story of the cranberry, now considered the island's number one delicacy. The berries grow very well in the acidic, wet soil of our Wadden Island. They have been grown here (organically) for many years. Pure cranberry juice is good for the kidneys. It is also very tasty in a cup of tea or a glass of liqueur and is used by Terschelling chefs to garnish dishes or as a delicious sauce for game.

For delicious cranberry treats, visit the Bessenschuur, the Eilandwinkel Wuxalia or the Cranberry Lekkernijwinkel. Here you will find the perfect souvenir to take home!

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