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Midsland: the cosiest village of Terschelling

Résidence Terschelling Wellness Waddenresort is within walking distance of the lively village of Midsland. The cosy village centre is only a five minute walk from our resort. Midsland is the second largest village on Terschelling and is located in the centre of the island. This makes Midsland a good starting point for exploring the rest of the island on foot or by bicycle. In less than ten minutes by bike or 20 minutes on foot you can be on the wide beach, feeling the sand under your feet and the wind in your hair. As you cycle through the polders, you can see the many species of birds and, if you are lucky, seals on the beach. Or take a half-hour bike ride to West-Terschelling, where you can stroll through the many streets and visit the Brandaris and the harbour.

"Midsland offers guaranteed fun for young and old. You can have hours of fun in our cosy and authentic village!"

Restaurants in Midsland

The village of Midsland is characterised by the cross-shaped church from 1880 and many characteristic buildings. This is the old Terschelling. Many of the buildings are national monuments and now house shops and restaurants. This creates a real village atmosphere. Stroll along the pleasant shopping street called 'Oosterburen', eat a delicious ice cream at 'De IJswinkel', spend the afternoon chatting over a refreshing drink on the terrace and end the day with dinner in one of the many restaurants. You can opt for a gourmet dinner, Italian, Mexican or cosy old-fashioned pancakes with the whole family. In short, there is plenty of choice. After dinner it is time to dance and drink. Midsland has many cosy cafés where there is plenty to do in the evenings. Midsland is also the centre of various events, so there is plenty of entertainment throughout the year.

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