The very best event on Terschelling

Mark your calendars from 7 to 16 June 2024 because it's time for the highly anticipated Oerol Terschelling! For ten unforgettable days, the island comes alive with vibrant celebrations, endless entertainment, and a joyful atmosphere. Oerol offers diverse experiences, from captivating theatre performances to mesmerizing dance shows, and soul-stirring music to enchanting singing. What could be better than indulging in all the festivities while staying in a luxurious apartment at an idyllic location? At Residence Terschelling, we guarantee a remarkable Oerol 2024 experience, ensuring your stay is extraordinary.


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A good night's sleep during Oerol

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Walking- and cycling distance from Oerol
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Wonderful wellness
  • Close to the beach

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Indulge in Luxury Accommodations during Oerol 2024

After immersing yourself in the fantastic Oerol festivities throughout the day, returning to a peaceful and luxurious retreat in the evening is an absolute delight. Look no further than Residence Terschelling for the ultimate experience! Our fully equipped apartments are designed to provide you with everything you need to unwind, and savour your moments of relaxation after a bustling day.

At our resort, we offer exceptional wellness facilities, ensuring you can completely rejuvenate during your visit to Oerol Terschelling.  Alongside the wellness amenities, our resort offers a heated indoor swimming pool, inviting you to take a refreshing dip. Furthermore, you can enjoy pure serenity in our diverse relaxation rooms, or rejuvenate your senses with a tranquil sauna experience. For those seeking an extra touch of pampering, consider booking one of our wellness apartments, for a truly relaxing experience.

Exciting events and festivals on Terschelling

Prepare to be captivated by an exhilarating program of street theatre, dance, music, and song at Oerol Terschelling. This extraordinary event, spanning an impressive 10 days from 7th to 16th June, offers an abundance of experiences suitable for all age groups. Year after year, Oerol Terschelling attracts a significant number of enthusiastic attendees, making it a truly cherished occasion. 

One of the remarkable advantages of staying at Residence Terschelling is its convenient proximity to Midsland, which can easily be reached on foot or by bike. Rest assured, you won't miss a moment of Oerol. The festivities are scattered throughout the village, creating an immersive atmosphere to be explored by foot or bicycle—a highly recommended way to fully enjoy the vibrant surroundings.

Did you know that Terschelling hosts a variety of other festivals and events besides Oerol? Immerse yourself in the challenging yet breathtaking Berenloop marathon, for instance. To discover more about the diverse array of events and festivals taking place on Terschelling, be sure to visit the following link for additional information.